Good sources for energy news

The energy field is rapidly changing as a result of improving technology and recognition of the need to put our economy and lives on a more sustainable footing. I talk to a lot of people who are entering the field, so I thought I would put together a post with a list of sources that I find useful for keeping up to date with what is happening.

Before I start with the list, two notes. First, I’m based in London, and my research is on UK electricity, so my some of the items on my list may be less useful if you are mainly interested in news going on elsewhere. Second, some questions in the energy field are still somewhat controversial, for example the future role of nuclear. You don’t have to agree with a view to find it informative.

Email Newsletters — this provides a daily digest of energy and climate news. There is an emphasis on UK and nuclear, but it covers a lot of other news too. — Carbon Brief have a free daily and weekly newsletter that are both really good. — this is a weekly digest of news from UK Energy Research Council. It includes notification of events and some job opportunities. — Eco Brief is a weekly digest of climate change news — a daily newsletter from Bloomberg. Most of the articles require you to be a Bloomberg subscriber to access them, but it may bring your attention to stories you might otherwise miss.


I find the following twitter handles particularly useful on energy and climate change, either for what they tweet or as much what they retweet. The first ones are more focussed on UK energy/climate policy, the latter ones more on US policy.

UK Focused: — retweets a lot of great content on UK energy policy, as well as his own thoughts — Richard Howard is the research director at Aurora Energy — Duncan Burt from National Grid Electricity System Operator. Offers useful insights as well as useful retweets. — Richard Lowes — the smartest person on UK heating policy — Matthew Knight works at Siemens and has good insight on UK energy policy — former director of UK Energy Research Council — tweets about UK energy and climate policy, as well as about energy retail — Thomas Edwards from Cornwall Insights, quite geeky but useful content on UK electricity policy — the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, tweets and retweets useful content — Simon Evans from Carbon Brief, tweets interesting news on global and UK energy and climate change — Imperial College, includes mentions about good London-based events — University College London, includes details about good London-based events

Global/US focussed: — from the founder of Bloomberg NEF, good global business perspective — Ramez Naam tweets about energy innovation, US focus — tweets about energy innovation and business, mostly US focus — excellent on the US politics of climate change — Colin Murphy tweets on a range of energy topics including clean fuels and policy — tweets useful thoughts on the future of oil and transportation — focus on US electricity system transition


Interchange and The Energy Gang — both by Greentech Media, good entertaining conversations on energy with a US focus

Columbia Energy Exchange — interviews with various people on US and global energy issues

Fully Charged Podcast — mostly UK discussion, especially about Electric Vehicles


Things are changing so fast that books are out of date almost as soon as they’re published. But I would like to mention the following very recent books:

What do we need to do now, by Chris Goodall — useful insights on UK energy and climate policy

Solar power finance without the jargon, by Jenny Chase. Don’t be put off by the word finance in the title, this is an overview of the history and future of the solar power industry, with many entertaining anecdotes along the way.

Fascinated by what makes societies and markets work, especially in sustainable energy.

Fascinated by what makes societies and markets work, especially in sustainable energy.