Wordle (an update)

def get_score_counts_for_each_guess(guesswords, words):
outer_results = {}
for guess in guesswords:
results = list(get_scores(guess, words).values())
outer_results[guess] = sum(results)/len(results)
return outer_results
  • If the word in BEATS and you guess SEATS, it won’t mark the first letter as yellow, as it has already confirmed that the final letter is S.
  • If you guess SEATS and the word is FEAST, it won’t mark both of your S’s as yellow, just the first one.
def score_word(guess, actual):
outcome = [0,0,0,0,0]
tempword = list(actual)
for i, c in enumerate(guess):
if tempword[i]==c:
for i, c in enumerate(guess):
if c == 0:
if (c in tempword):
tempword[tempword.index(c)] = '0'
return tuple(outcome)



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Guy Lipman

Guy Lipman

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